To Kill a Mockingbird has many different themes. One of the main themes is racism in the South during the 1930's. Understanding the history of the times will help you gain a better appreciation for the novel. As a young girl coming of age Scout faces and experiences many things that help her take her first hesitant steps in the adult world.

Through this WebQuest you should come to an understanding of how people viewed each other in the 1930's, therefore giving you a better understanding of how the events in the novel could and did happen during that time period. You will also learn that the historical setting of the novel can also play a significant role in developing theme.

This WebQuest is a modified version of several other WebQuests about this novel. This WebQuest designed by S. Perry, St. Joseph's Secondary School.


You will work as a part of a group consisting of three to four students. The assignments you can choose from are as follows. Computer lab time will be given for this project. If you do not use this time wisely you will be required to do all your research at home or at the library.

Power Point Presentation

Your Power Point Presentation should be a summary of what you find out about the topics below. Be creative include pictures, sound or anything you can to make your presentation interesting. By the end of your presentation your audience should have a good feel for the 1930’s and understand the novel within its historical context.



As you know, in To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout is a young girl growing up in the South at a time when racism is prevalent. Scout experiences several events that will change her forever. Your job will be to produce newspaper articles covering some of the issues and/or events contained within the novel and some of the actual history of the time. Your paper should be a blend of fiction (based on fact) and the events from the novel.


Five-Paragraph Essay

Everyone will write a five-paragraph essay on some aspect of the theme of prejudice based on your research. You should see me for approval of your topic before beginning your essay.

Process and Research Topics

All groups will research the following topics for the final product. You will notice that there are quite a few sites that you will have to check out and quite a few topics to research. Try to divide the work evenly between the members of your group. Your final product and your essays should demonstrate that you have researched the sites below and have come to some conclusions about the given topics. At the end of the WebQuest there will be a peer evaluation rubric.

Growing up in the South in the 1930's
Racism in the South in the 1930's and today.
A Woman's role in the 1930's
Effects of the Depression
Scottsboro Trials
Black History Museum



Below you will find resources to help you with your research. You will receive bonus marks for other Internet resources that you find that are not listed here.


History and images from the time of the novel.

Racism in Modern America

Causes of the Depression

Images of the Depression Era

Growing up in the 30's

Historical Context: The Scottsboro Trials

What is Racism?

Contains an account of an African American woman who lived during the 1930's on the subject of hobbies.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa Parks


Women's Fashions

Growing up Black in the 1930's

Growing up White in the South

Historical Background and the Novel

African-American life during the depression

Black History Museum

Slave Narratives

Jim Crow Laws


Rubrics TBA