"The Wars by Timothy Findley is a searing indictment of man's capacity to destroy the living creatures of his planet, to turn the basic elements of life-earth, air, fire, and water-into the engines of death. The book's graphic images of the holocaust of World War I burn into the imagination. All of Findley's works-short stories, plays, novels-confront uncompromisingly man's terrible capacity for self-destruction."

The above quotation comes from this site. A great interview with Findley check it out here.

For a great resource on the novel check out the following two sites for Acadia University.

Findley 1 Findley 2

Here are some reading notes by a gifted student from my English class. The assignment was to make pre-writing notes for an essay on The Wars
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Pre-Writing Notes on the Wars by: Guy Quenneville

Here is another essay about The Wars

Here is a site that contains a great bibliography of material that is available on The Wars. Northwest Passages

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